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At DMG Financial, we aim to understand, anticipate and meet our clients’ financial needs with a multitude of high-quality products and services. We believe that the financial needs of Americans are best served by local, objective, independent representatives. We exist to help the best individuals and organizations succeed in serving the financial planning needs of they themselves and their clients.


We pride ourselves in the fact that we are the number one stop for accounting and financial services in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. Our clientele ranges from individual tax returns, to corporation formation, and public notarization. We aim at expanding out network while assuring our clients that their satisfaction is always guaranteed.

The same professional character, dedication, and we have at DMG Financial is found and demonstrated in the services we provide. We have one purpose: to help all clients see their hard work lead to greater financial achievements in their current situations and also future financial pursuits.

At DMG Financial, we view the changes brought by economic downturn as a challenge to help you rise above financial duress. We have set a standard to even facilitate financial concepts in the community by hosting workshops, webinars, and much more as an opportunity for clients of all backgrounds and ability levels to better fulfill their potential. Welcome once again to DMG Financial.