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Our DMG Professional product is our Interview Based Software Package designed for an existing business which wants to generate more revenue with his current customer base. This individual knows the revenue potential for a tax preparation business and wants to explore the tax preparation industry but does not have the time to invest in getting a PTIN and EFIN. This package is ideal for businesses like Check Cashing Agencies, Insurance Agencies, Auto Dealers etc. which provide a valuable service to their customers. These businesses work under the guidance of DMG Tax Preparers/ Enrolled Agent. You manage the customer relationship and we manage the Tax Return.


Tax Packages

Package Features.

  • Interview Based Tax Software, all states, current year
  • IRS Registration and Authorization for EFIN
  • Training to use Tax Software
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Multiple Bank Products
  • Tax liability Protection
  • Day-to-Day and Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Business Plan, Marketing Support Analysis and Marketing Plan
  • Promotional Materials
  • Webinar of Marketing Strategy and Techniques

*Discounted Pricing Expires November 2014


All sales on any tax service packages are final. No refunds will be provided. A buyer has 7 days to cancel any service/product ordered, where a cancellation charge of $200 will apply.



All of our Packages come with our state of the art software which has been customized to your needs. Our software is one of the most intuitive and user friendly software in the industry. Our software comes with an Interview Based mode and has a one screen Tax Estimator from which allows you to give your customers a tax refund within minutes. Also, once you enter your customer’s data all the forms will be prepopulated with customer data saving you time to re-enter the same data.


We believe in providing training in all formats suited to individual needs. As a Tax Partner with DMG you will have access to our portal which consists of a library for Training Videos and literature for Software, Tax Preparation Process, Print Checks, Marketing Scripts and Customer Service. Any question you may have during your Tax Preparation process you will have access to the portal on your fingertips at anytime. We also, provide Individual training for anyone who requests this so that every Tax Preparer is ready during tax season.


Our Tax Partners have the ability to take advantage our Banking relationship with premier and reputable banks in the industry without any prior approval. Through these banks, the tax partners can provide any of the bank products in the Tax Industry to better serve your customers. The bank products that are provided are RAC, Onsite Check Printing and Prepaid Debit Cards.


When you sign up with DMG, you can rest assured about the support that is provided. Our team has the ability to provide you the support that you require. For software support, our staff can access your computer through our remote access program. Also, our software has inbuilt Messaging features which allow you to chat with any of our Tax preparers should you be stuck while preparing taxes or to find out the status of any Tax return .

For Pricing details and your earnings potential please send an email to